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Intellilog Smart Label

The ultimate tracking solution for your supply chain. Gain real-time insights into location, shock, and open/close status, ensuring last-mile visibility and security. Enhance your logistics processes and customer satisfaction with our innovative smart label.

  • Cellular connectivity
  • Location, Open/Close, Temperature, Shock
  • Incredibly thin

Intellilog Connect

By connecting the Smart Label to your ERP via Intellilog Connect, your business can enhance inventory accuracy, reduce excess stock, and improve replenishment strategies. This integration facilitates proactive problem-solving and decision-making by providing timely information on shipment status and conditions.


We know that your business is unique. Reach out to us and we will discuss how we can customize our solution to fit your requirements. From custom Software over RFID to Printed Electronics, our experts are here to help you achieve your goals!


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