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A LoRa temperature sensor

Battery powered temperature sensor

Easily deploy this sensor in your warehouse, fridge or truck. A gateway will receive the data and forward the recorded temperature and humidity measurements to the Intellilog Manager - your central place to manage all your temperature related data.

  • Wireless, 24/7
  • Sends every 10 minutes
  • Super easy installation


Gateways receive the data from our battery powered temperature sensor; even when they are hundrets of meters away. Furthermore, this gateway is particularly easy to install. It is shipped with an inbuild SIM-card so that you don't have to worry about an internet connection or compatability with your existing IT-infrastructure.

  • Huge range of several hundret meters
  • Based on standardized LoRa-Technology
  • Comes with an in-build SIM-card for easy installation
A LoRa gateway
Warehouses, fridges or trucks


While the Intellilog Card V100 is a one-way data logger, the Intellilog Sensor Box is a long lasting and re-usable device. Install it in your warehouse, truck, fridge or any other place with a gateway in range.

  • Safe time by automatically documenting temperature conditions
  • Prevent damage using alarms (SMS, E-Mail)

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